Review – The Economist 1843

I was recently reviewed in The Economist’s 1843 magazine, about ideas and culture. It’s a small segment, but every word was reassuring.

Here is the link to my facebook post about it:

Here is the text (yes, I copy typed it, it’s short):

Out of the Shadows

In the eight years since Sri Lanka’s civil war, plenty of books have tried to tackle the conflict, but Shankari Chandran’s debut, Song of the Sun God, is being hailed as exceptional. Chandran is from the Tamil ethnic minority, and her tale of the discrimination and violence that affects three generations of a Tamil family is so sensitively written that even Sinhalese readers are praising its depiction of the war that also shaped their own families. Barely two months after its release, a second print run has been ordered and an Indian edition is coming soon.

Review – Vihanga Perera

Here is a really interesting review by writer and commentator Vihanga Perera. He makes some insightful criticisms which I take on board. He also makes some really beautiful comments. Thank you for the review Vihanga.

Review – A Truth More Violent than Fiction – by Sanjana Hattotuwa

I was recently reviewed by Sanjana Hattotuwa in Sri Lanka. It’s a beautiful review. I’m so grateful for the support Song of the Sun God has been receiving in Sri Lanka.

He reviews my book withThe Story of a Brief Marriage, by Anuk Arudpragasam. It’s an honour to be featured alongside him.

A truth more violent than fiction

Review – The Good Book Corner

Now that I’ve finally learned how to add stuff to my website, here is the first review I ever received. Thank you so much Artika Bakshi for your support.

Here it is: (link)

Review – Goodreads

I was really excited to receive my first Goodreads Review. Hopefully in time there will be so many, I’ll manage to be casual about them. I suspect I’ll never be casual about reviews. I’m really grateful to this reader for taking the time to read and support Song of the Sun God.

Here it is: (link)