Interview – SBS Tamil Radio

I speak Tamil badly. There’s no two ways about it. Tamil speakers would probably prefer it if I didn’t attempt the language of Kambar, Thiruvalluvar and Ilaiyaraaja (come on, over 6000 Tamil cinema songs).

It is one of my greatest regrets in life. I understand Tamil quite well. Sometimes I feel things in Tamil, like the love I have for my grandmother, Ammamma.

But I can’t speak it. I was interviewed recently by the lovely K. Sanchayan for SBS Tamil Radio. He kindly interviewed me in English and then dubbed over me in Tamil.

Someone recently said to me that: Australian stories are stories told by Australians. It’s a simple but important statement in an environment where the politics of race, immigration and hate converge too easily.

I’m grateful to SBS for telling the stories of all Australians, in our many languages. Here is the interview, in English and in Tamil.

English Part 1:

English Part 2: