Media coverage – Winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award 2023

The Guardian (25 July 2023): Shankari Chandran wins 2023 Miles Franklin award for Chai Time at Cinnamon Gardens

The Sydney Morning Herald (25 July 2023): ‘Trojan horse’ novel tackling colonisation and war wins Miles Franklin

ABC News (25 July 2023): Shankari Chandran wins Miles Franklin Literary Award for ‘Trojan horse’ novel that explores the national identities of Sri Lanka and Australia

SBS (26 July 2023): Sri Lankan Tamil wins prestigious literary award

The Australian Podcast (26 July 2023): Miles Franklin award winner Shankari Chandran (Podcast)

The Monthly Podcast (2 August 2023): The Miles Franklin Winner Who Nearly Gave up Writing

IndianLink (2 August 2023): Words with Shankari Chandran: Chai Time chatter

The Guardian (4 August 2023): First Dog on the Moon: Books

Confluence (4 August 2023): Shankari Chandran speaks to Sharon Rundle in an exclusive interview for Confluence.

NSW Government (8 August 2023): From Create NSW Fellowship to Miles Franklin Award: In conversation with Shankari Chandran

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