Interview – The Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) – the countdown to Galle

Lovely review in The Sunday Times – less than a month to go before the Fairway Galle Literary Festival.

Review – Scroll India

This is a beautiful review by Sharanya Manivannan for Scroll India. I’m totally blown away by it and very grateful.

Review – The Australian

I’m so excited about this review in The Australian. It’s titled Disruptive Forces and has a picture of Benji (our cavoodle) and me. Too true, when it comes to Benji.…shankari…/%20a4310823626c4853e60a96fa9ad4d3d8

Review – Canberra Weekly

Ok, so they spelled my name incorrectly. And I’m from Canberra. However, it’s a great review. Thank you Canberra Weekly.


Canberra Weekly

Interview – Conversations with Richard Fidler

OK, this has been my favourite moment so far (aside from the whole publishing a book thing).

Richard Fidler was, in person, exactly as he is on the radio – a delightful, interested and interesting interviewer. We talked about Hinduism, my parents, dissecting goats and Guantanamo Bay.

Here is my Conversation with Richard Fidler:

Interview – Australian Writers’ Centre

I did an interview recently with the AWC, talking about their brilliant Crime and Thriller Writing course, as well as life as a new author. Thank you very much to Su Lin for letting me borrow her beautiful home. She should be in PR.

Interview – Subcontinent Voice

Thank you very much to the Subcontinent Voice – and in particular Dr Chandrika Subramaniyan – for running this piece.

Subcontinent Voice

Interview – Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)

Some great questions from Adilah Ismail at the Sunday Times. I loved thinking about these ones. 170813/plus/weaving-in-the- lankan-connection-from- without-254051.html


Interview – Dymocks Podcast

Loved doing this podcast with the folks at Dymocks.

Review – One Bookish Girl

Lovely review by Sammi at One Bookish Girl. Thank you so much!

Review : The Barrier