Review – Canberra Weekly

Ok, so they spelled my name incorrectly. And I’m from Canberra. However, it’s a great review. Thank you Canberra Weekly.


Canberra Weekly

Interview – Conversations with Richard Fidler

OK, this has been my favourite moment so far (aside from the whole publishing a book thing).

Richard Fidler was, in person, exactly as he is on the radio – a delightful, interested and interesting interviewer. We talked about Hinduism, my parents, dissecting goats and Guantanamo Bay.

Here is my Conversation with Richard Fidler:

Interview – Australian Writers’ Centre

I did an interview recently with the AWC, talking about their brilliant Crime and Thriller Writing course, as well as life as a new author. Thank you very much to Su Lin for letting me borrow her beautiful home. She should be in PR.

Interview – Subcontinent Voice

Thank you very much to the Subcontinent Voice – and in particular Dr Chandrika Subramaniyan – for running this piece.

Subcontinent Voice

Interview – Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)

Some great questions from Adilah Ismail at the Sunday Times. I loved thinking about these ones. 170813/plus/weaving-in-the- lankan-connection-from- without-254051.html


Interview – Dymocks Podcast

Loved doing this podcast with the folks at Dymocks.

Review – One Bookish Girl

Lovely review by Sammi at One Bookish Girl. Thank you so much!

Review : The Barrier

Review – Sydney Morning Herald – Pick of the Week

My first review in an Australian newspaper! #extremelyrelieved

Interview – Culture Street

Here is my recent interview for Culture Street and their Women Who Dare profile. I loved thinking about the questions and then getting lost in the site, reading about other women. In particular, it was inspiring to read about women authors (and added more books to my To Read List).

Review – my first one for The Barrier! Pile by the Bed

My first review of The Barrier is in and it’s a pretty good one (phew). Thank you so much Pile by the Bed.

I’m not posting it here because it has spoilers.

But here is a sample:

“But this is not just a science fiction action thriller. At times it feels more like a thought experiment as Chandran uses her sandbox to investigate deeper philosophical issues around religion and faith and the role these play in human society and development….

There are plenty of post-apocalyptic dystopias around at the moment which, while futuristic are trying to come to terms with very real and very current issues. The Barrier provides a way to explore the world of totalitarianism, religious extremism and sectarian conflict in a relatively safe speculative space. But very little is safe in Chandran’s world, and she manages to say some interesting things in the context of what is often a visceral and fast paced thriller.”