Interesting parenting moment this morning. I reversed out of a friend’s driveway and a car tore around the corner, at far more than the 40km/hr speed limit.

I braked hard and said: Sh*t a f*cking brick.

Then I parked and looked at the ambivalent faces of my 5 and 7 year old sons. They were horrified, impressed and gleeful I had violated the no swearing rule.

Tercero (aged 7): Did you just swear?

Me: Yes, and I’m sorry about that. That car was speeding and it nearly hit us. I was so afraid. I love you so much, I was afraid we would get hit (that old defence).

Tercero: You could have just said Shaizer.

Newborn (now aged 5): Well at least you didn’t teach us those words. We knew them already.

Me: Good advice. Love your work children.