Everything tastes better with bacon on it

Today I have eaten (in addition to three wholesome meals):

  • one large bowl of cookies’n’cream ice cream;
  • 6 pieces of Cadbury’s Marble chocolate (if you have not tried this you really should);
  • 3 marshmallows;
  • another marginally smaller bowl of cookies’n’cream ice cream;
  • 4 cheezels; and
  • 4 tablespoons of Milo (straight from the tin, no milk).

The British pound continues to tank; the housing bubble in Sydney looks unlikely to burst; my stomach muscles are not knitting together and if I poke my belly I can actually identify all my vital organs; my 9-week old still wakes throughout the night and my 20-month old has recently learned to throw himself on the floor thrashing and screaming.

And so, I have substituted the vitamin supplements that are supposed to promote lactation for comfort eating everything from the snacks my mother has illegally bought my children (marshmallows, cheezels), the snacks my well-meaning aunties bring when they “call on” us (Cadburys, Lindt balls if we are really lucky) to the snacks that are timelessly comforting (ice cream, Magnums and Milo).

None of the above promotes lactation, but all of it makes me feel better briefly (I feel better more continuously if I snack more continuously).  Not sure what the Australian Breastfeeding Association would say but unless they can strengthen the pound, strengthen my stomach muscles or control my toddler, I don’t care.

And as a reformed vegetarian, I find at the moment, that everything tastes better with bacon on it.