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The Baking Bandwagon

Before I had children, I never baked a damn thing. I never saw the point.  Why bake when you can buy (especially if you shop at Waitrose)? I remember attending the 1st birthday of my niece, years before I had Prima. My cousin, the baby’s mother, is a brilliant doctor and dedicated mother, who insisted […]

The Naked Truth

My husband recently asked me when I was going to stop walking around naked in front of the children. He said he was sure that when he was Prima’s age (6 years old) he did not see his mother naked. The thing is, I don’t think of myself as naked around them and they haven’t […]

Things I miss about London (Part 2): the BBC

Yes I know that probably makes me sound pretentious but for the Brits reading this, you know there is only one news service. Here’s another game that both men and women like to play but only women admit to (honestly, minds out of the gutter please, we are still talking about the news). The game […]

Stop it, I don’t like it

At school, our older children, Prima (aged 6) and Secundo (aged 5) are learning how to deal with bullying and conflict.  When troubled by some one, they have been taught to stand up and say in a loud clear voice, assertively and politely: “Stop it, I don’t like it.” They have then been instructed by […]

Blackholes and white lies

Last night, as is our tradition, I lay between my children before they went to sleep. Prima (aged 6) and Secundo (aged 5) sleep together in the bedroom I grew up in. My parents’ house has been in a kind of stasis since my brother and I left.  The only thing that has changed is […]

Conjugal controlled crying

My husband and I had a discussion last night about a few important decisions we have to make.  At one point I suggested something, he disagreed and in frustration, I promptly burst into tears.  He responded with, “Darling, you can’t cry every time I disagree with you.” To which I tearfully replied, “Of course I […]

What would you say if you ran into….?

Have you ever played the “What would you say if you ran into…?” game? For example, what would you say if you ran into the first boy who broke your heart: “Oh hi X, has it really been 15 years? Time just flies by, especially as I am a very busy Pulitzer-winning journalist and astronaut.” […]

What was I thinking?

A year ago, my husband and I had one of the most important conversations of our marriage. It went as follows: Me: Do you think we should have another baby? [We already had three children at this stage.] Husband: Hmm. In for a penny, in for a pound.  That’s what I say. Me: No one […]

For whom the bell (curve) tolls

Last week my 6 year old daughter Prima received her first school report.  Her class was graded in key areas such as English and Maths on a bell curve and she was ranked on the middle of the bell.  Not the top, not the bottom, but in the middle with most of her year. I […]