Pests and pestilence

Hi there, we recently found out we have a termite infestation (cue massive panic attack). Rentokil is thankfully taking care of the problem for us soon and they have asked me blog about our experience. It’s the beginning of a lifelong pest control partnership given our neighbourhood.

Here is my first instalment, I hope you like it:

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  1. Ramona Lobo
    Ramona Lobo says:

    Speaking of pests, we have a tiny weeny little mouse (the size of my pinky) that bravely scuttles across our lounge room floor when it thinks the household is sleeping. I don’t have the heart to kill it :(. It’s more scared of us than we are of it i’m sure and all it wants is to find a way out!

    • duckformationfamily
      duckformationfamily says:

      We used to have one of those in our pantry cupboard in London. I never saw it, just heard it. It could have been the size of my head for all I knew. Best not to ask. x

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