Mamamia! (Part 10) – Am I wasting my education?


This one was published on Mamamia last week.  The topic  means a lot to me (and many of my friends). I hope you like it too:

The article was inspired by remarks made by the Danish Prime Minister – you can find out more about the debate in the UK here:

xx Shanks

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  1. ourbluehouse
    ourbluehouse says:

    Shankari, how eloquently put. I abhor the tag ‘stay at home mum’ in fact just as much as the title ‘working mum’ who are we to judge the honour to be called ‘Mum’! This is a privilege and not a right regardless of how we manage our day.
    There are so many women would enjoy the path of motherhood and I personally am sick of all the editorial around it.
    I feel we should take every day as it comes and tackle it at our best however we manage to get it.
    Thank you for such a powerful article.

    Now I’m mad keen silly to read more of your blog.
    Best Pip
    blondebratpack handmade


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