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Interview – Allen & Overy Alumni Yearbook 2017

So lovely to be featured in the A&O Alumni Yearbook. The decade at Allen & Overy was wonderful – spent with dedicated friends, clients and colleagues. I learnt so much about the role lawyers can play in the delivery of social justice. The work features in my creative writing and the way we raise our […]

NSW Writers’ Centre Grant

Thank you so much to the NSW Writers’ Centre and Create NSW for this grant – it has given me the support I need to progress my research for The Phantom Limb. I’m hugely grateful. It will make all the difference. http://www.nswwc.org.au/support-for-writers/writing-nsw-grants/ https://www.jonathanodea.com.au/media/media-releases/roseville-author-awarded-funding

Fairway Galle Literary Festival 2018 – less than a month to go…

But who’s counting. Here is my bio for the Galle Lit Fest: https://galleliteraryfestival.com/participants-2018/shankari-chandran/ And here’s the program: https://galleliteraryfestival.com/fglf-programme-2018/ I’m speaking on Thursday 25th January (with the talented Nayomi Munaweera) and Friday 26th January. Would love to see you there if you’re in Galle. Shanks

Review – Scroll India

This is a beautiful review by Sharanya Manivannan for Scroll India. I’m totally blown away by it and very grateful. https://scroll.in/article/850851/here-is-a-candidate-for-the-global-sri-lankan-novel-and-it-is-only-the-authors-debut

Review – The Australian

I’m so excited about this review in The Australian. It’s titled Disruptive Forces and has a picture of Benji (our cavoodle) and me. Too true, when it comes to Benji. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/…shankari…/%20a4310823626c4853e60a96fa9ad4d3d8

Interview – me and the Australian Writers Centre

I can’t stand the sound of my voice. I will eventually listen to this podcast, in the foetal position. This is me with the Australian Writers Centre – fantastically, the byline (if you read it really fast) makes me sound like Obama’s speechwriter! Thank you so much to the AWC. I couldn’t have finished The […]